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    Hannes Kutza


Freeze Moments to pixels

Outdoor, sports, commercials, events. I just love the work with the lens. It's a privilege to show you the view of the world through my eyes. Since I picked up a camera, I couldn't let it go.


Love and perfection with every cut.

When images get in motion and mix up with sound, they soon learn how to fly. I like to fly with them. I love to tell stories in an authentic way that focusses on the people. I craft film with great love to detail, consistency, sound and humor. Like with still images: There is no film like another.


Your website makes a difference.

And I create your website. No matter what you are presenting, your product, your service, your art, your action. I can offer you the complete bundle of website & content, all one-stop and out of one hand. Save unnecessary long and complicated communication. Save money. Get high quality images and video for your website. Be able to manage your own website afterwards.

It's easier, faster and better.

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Have a look at my works - indoors as well as outdoors.

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