two seconds

it takes two seconds to make an intuitive decision.

it takes two seconds to capture or recognize an authentic photo.

two seconds. that’s about the time span that people perceive as ’now‘ – as present.
we live in moments and are what we tell ourselves: stories of us.
they don’t consist of heroes & villains but of highs & lows, light & shadow.

this is what i want to visualize and capture.
this notion of ’now‘, continous time sliced into these elusive two seconds.

about me

being born and raised in berlin, the city’s very own rhythm has coined my perception of the environment. how we as people move in it and define our very relation to it. that puts us into perspective.
with a versatile background, a scientist with a masters degree in physics and a carrer changer, i am driven by my passions and deep feelings for dirty aesthetics, broken symmetries. for me, photographic expression offers both versatility and immediateness of my passion. i am investigating people, their relation to themselfes & nature. an important part of it is movement & confrontation.

how can we come across and tear apart this ‚objective reality‘ to tell more humane stories?

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